Pet Supplies Lancets For Diabetes Testing Dogs Cats 21 Gauge by Advocate Pet Test (100 Count) Diabetic Monitoring Blood Dog Cats Lancets Easy Pricker for Testing for Blood Glucose Diabetic Pets

Price: $23.95
(as of May 12,2022 06:24:52 UTC – Details)

Advocate features diabetic supplies for the love of pets and their owners. Managing a diabetic pet’s testing and monitoring isn’t an easy task. Our lancets are reliable, easy to use and are pet safe.
The Pet Safety lancets are single use, self contained design. The needle automatically retracts with blood glucose test for your pet. Simple to use and helps give results needed in seconds.
Test in comforts of your own home. Easy to use. Suitable for both dogs and cats. Manage your pets diabetes with loving care. Pressure activated lancets, makes testing time super fast and efficient.
Your pet is more than just an animal. Your dog or cat is part of the family. A efficient diabetes lancet help, imagine having a gamer changer for getting blood fast and easy. Single use only.
Monitoring diabetes is testing pet’s glucose level, an important part of the overall therapy for diabetes. Successfully managing your diabetic pet’s health is possible. Let Advocate help you. Check it out by visiting the Advocate PetTest Store.